Complete this application form by May 27, 2024.

Probe Research does not provide grants for:

  • Individuals or private businesses
  • Ongoing research programs
  • Political parties and affiliated activities
  • Organizations based outside of Manitoba
  • Current clients of Probe Research

Please review the full application criteria prior to completing the form. Shortlisted organizations will be notified in the days following, with the grant awarded by May 31, 2024.

Mailing Address
Total Number of Staff
Does your organization operate outside of Manitoba?
Is your organization a... (check all that apply)
  • Describe the problem or issue you think research would help you solve. What do you want to know? Who do you need to hear from?
  • Describe how your organization would use the research to support your mission, programs, or activities. What actions will you take?
  • How would this project contribute to your organization’s future success? How will you (and we) know the project has been a success?
  • What skills and resources will your organization bring to this project?
  • What is your timeline?
By submitting this application, you understand that if your organization is awarded the Probe for the Better grant, you are responsible for up to $2,500 of the total budget, including hard costs associated with materials and production. You understand that Probe Research Inc. reserves the right to disperse the grant in whole or part, as it deems beneficial. Should no applications meet the criteria, the award will be reserved and reissued for applications at a later date.