When organizations speak to their customers or clients, they need to do so in an effective, targeted way that gets the most bang for the buck. We help organizations measure the overall resonance of their brand and their communications in many different ways. We measure brand awareness and perceptions through surveys, which provide organizations with benchmarks. This approach can also be used to test specific recall of ads that have been in market. 

Our main work in this area, however, involves testing marketing concepts with actual target audiences. While we use many different techniques, the main approach involves conducting in-person focus groups with 8-10 people and testing their reactions to multiple concepts. We use a wide array of techniques to gather qualitative and quantitative information that will allow you to better understand which concept resonates most – and most importantly, why.

The small investment in concept testing pays immediate dividends. It helps organizations avoid much costlier mistakes such as putting out ads that no one understands – or that may even inadvertently offend their target audiences.

We can apply these approaches at all stages of the creative process, including:

Testing initial message territories that will be used to develop a concept 

Measuring reactions to different creative approaches presented in storyboard/voice-over form 

Completing a final “disaster check” of fully developed creative materials before they go to market