Despite significant ongoing controversy over COVID-19 mandates across Canada, Manitobans are broadly and strongly in favour of compulsory vaccines for students wishing to attend in-person classes in elementary, junior high and high schools in the province. One-half of Manitobans strongly favour a vaccine mandate for schools (though one in five strongly oppose such a move).

Manitobans are slightly more likely to favour a vaccine mandate applied to junior high and high school students as opposed to elementary school students. Even so, two-thirds of Manitobans support mandatory shots for children under age 12 once vaccines are approved for – and available to – this age cohort.

Those who are most supportive of vaccine mandates for in-person learning are older Manitobans (those 55+) and Manitobans with higher levels of education. As well, Winnipeg residents are considerably more supportive of in-school vaccine mandates than Manitobans who live beyond the Perimeter Highway.

chart showing support for a vaccine mandate in Manitoba schools

Parents, however, tend to be less supportive of vaccine mandates for students of all ages. Nearly four in five parents favour vaccine mandates for in-school learning – lower than the provincial average, but still a majority.

Not surprisingly, residents of southeastern and south-central Manitoba are deeply opposed to vaccine mandates in schools. Six in ten residents in this region oppose this idea, including 44 per cent who strongly oppose mandatory vaccines for in-person learning for Grades 7-12 and 49 per cent who strongly oppose this for young children once vaccines for this age cohort are available.

chart showing support for vaccinating younger children to attend in person

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For more than two decades, Probe Research Inc. has undertaken quarterly omnibus surveys of random and representative samples of Manitoba adults. These scientific telephone surveys have provided strategic and proprietary insights to hundreds of public, private and not-for-profit clients on a range of social, cultural and public policy topics. The Probe Research Omnibus Survey is the province’s largest and most trusted general population survey.

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Between September 7 and 20, 2021 Probe Research surveyed a random and representative sampling of 1,000 adults residing in Manitoba, including an oversample of N=95 respondents who live in southeastern and south-central Manitoba (Steinbach, Morden/Winkler and surrounding areas). With a sample of 1,000, one can say with 95 percent certainty that the results are within ± 3.1 percentage points of what they would have been if the entire adult population of Manitoba had been surveyed. The margin of error is higher within each of the survey’s population sub-groups.​

The sample consists of 447 Manitobans randomly recruited via live-agent operator; 342 Manitobans randomly recruited via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and 211 members of Probe Research's online panel. All respondents completed the survey on an online platform.

Modified random digit dialing, including both landline and wireless numbers, ensured all Manitoba adults had an equal opportunity to participate in this Probe Research survey. Minor statistical weighting has been applied to this sample to ensure that age and gender characteristics properly reflect known attributes of the province’s population. All data analysis was performed using SPSS statistical analysis software.​