Image credit: City of Winnipeg's Portage & Main Revitalization Study

Portage and Main – why it matters to Winnipeggers

We see the intersection of Portage and Main every day from our Lombard Street office. We walk through Winnipeg Square. We see the PSAC picketers out every morning lately, and the occasional round dance or protest. If and when the Jets win the Stanley Cup, we’ll have a sweet vantage point for whatever impromptu party erupts.

But the view could change – everything from streetscaping to new bollards to a giant orb is on the table as part of a City of Winnipeg consultation on the intersection’s future.

We will see how opinion evolves, but polling we conducted for CBC Manitoba just before the keep-it-closed plebiscite in October 2018 tells us a lot about how entrenched Winnipeggers’ views are on the issue:

Infographic outlining Winnipeggers views on reopening the intersection of Portage and Main

Have our positions changed in the past five years? Or do Winnipeggers feel pretty much the same about this iconic intersection now as they did in 2018? Our upcoming Omnibus survey is just one of many ways to take the pulse of Winnipeggers on this and many other important issues.